We have no further litters
for 2019.
We are concentrating on
finishing upper level titles
with Madison and Laeahi
is retired.

*As we breed primarily for ourselves, we reserve a female and male
from each litter for ourselves.
*Our Keeper puppies are chosen at 8 weeks.  We will place puppies
with their families at this time. No puppy is placed prior to 8 weeks of
*They are personally chosen by us to best suit the family and the
puppy's temperament for a perfect match.
*If you don't agree to us choosing your puppy then our litters are not
for you.
*We take a minimal deposit to hold a spot on our waiting list, and
puppies are placed in order of deposits received.
*We do not take color specific deposits on litters until after the litter
is born, unless it is a one color litter, ie.  Expecting all chocolate, or
all black.
*Our puppies are sold on
Limited Registration Only with
Spay/Neuter  Contracts.  
*We do NOT sell to breeding homes, our puppies are sold as
Companion/Pet puppies ONLY.  This means they are Not eligible to
be shown in the breed ring Nor are they eligible to be bred.  
*All puppies, Male and Female are the same price and only sold on a
Non Breeding contract.

Check www.pslra.org for current litter listings within the Puget
Sound Labrador Retriever Association.
The Whelping Box
Typical Koa Labrador Puppies.