Am GCH / Can CH Misty Mountain Diamond
Head Hula Girl, CD, RN, BN, JH, WC
DOB 3/11/2011
OFA Hips :LR-205517G30F-VPI (Good)   OFA Elbows : LR-EL60492F30-VPI (Normal)
OFA Heart : LR-CA5992/16F/C-PI (Normal Ascultation) OFA Heart :
LR-CA5992/42F/C-VPI-ECHO (Echo)
Clear Cerf Exam at 8 Weeks and yearly
Optigen A by Parentage
EIC, CNM & Dilute Clear by DNA
Huge Thank you to Toni &
Misty Mountain Labradors
for entrusting us with this special girl! We have high
hopes and huge plans for her!
Laeahi's Pedigree
January 2012- Reserve WB to the Major from
the 9-12 class , Rose City Cluster
Sept 2011- Reserve WB, Best Puppy in Breed,
Best Puppy In Group, First Show!! CKC
January 2012- WB, BOW,  Best Puppy in Breed,
Dec 2011- WB, BOW  Best Puppy in Breed, CKC
WB, BOW for her 2nd Major!! BVKC July 2012
WB, BOW.. BOB to finish her American
Championship!!  Wenatchee KC Sept 2013
WB, Olympic Kennel Club August 2013
Laeahi WB, BOS for her Third Major!!
Seattle Kennel Club March 2013
WB, BOS, Sammamish Kennel Club
August 2013
Laeahi's Latest News!!