More About Us...
We are a small family kennel striving to produce healthy, happy Labrador
Retrievers.  Our goals remain the same, to have dogs with the drive in the field,
the trainability in the obedience ring, the great looks for the show ring and the
heart to be your best friend.

Temperament and Health above all are Number One!!
All of our dogs live inside with us, are excellent with kids, good hunters, and are
very easy to train and willing to please.  We only breed the 3 AKC recognized
colors, black, chocolate and yellow and strive to produce dogs that conform to
the AKC Labrador Retriever breed standard.  They are truly an All Around Dog.  
We usually only raise one litter a year and only when we would like to add
something to our family.  Our breeding pairs have all of their
Final clearances
done Prior to breeding and we strive to match the right dogs to produce
wonderful puppies.  Our puppies are born and raised in our house and under our
feet.  They are used to being around lots of people, other dogs large and small,
kids and family life.  Our daughter Kawai helps with whelping the litters and
socializing the puppies.  They're introduced to birds and water (weather
permitting) before they go to their new homes.   They have their dewclaws
removed, their first series of shots, are microc chipped, registered with AKC and
have an eye exam done by 8 weeks old when they're ready to join their new
famillies.  We are firm believers in proper puppy socialization and strive to match
the right puppy with the right forever home.
We truly enjoy the Labrador Retriever breed and all of their versatility.  We spend
most of the year competing with our dogs in the show ring, the obedience ring
and at the hunt tests.  It's truly a family affair.  We've been very fortunate with our
dogs that they have been successful in all the things that they have tried.  We
have also recently added a English Springer Spanierl to our house and Kawai and
Domino have been competing very successfully in the Junior showmanship, AKC
and CKC Conformation, AKC rally and obedience rings.
Every day and every year is another one enjoyed with our dogs.  We look forward
to a lifetime of happiness with our dogs now and our dogs to come.

We are proud members of
The Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association
our local Labrador Retriever club here in Washington and the Labrador Retriever
Club, Inc, the AKC Parent Club.
Come and visit our dogs....
Christmas 2001